Friday, February 18, 2011

Gan Lulu scandal nude video w/ translation!

Conversation Translation:        

Mother: These days it has become popular to seek marriage partners on the internet, and my daughter is already so old now. But I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know it is done, so what I’m doing is uploading a video instead.
Mother: My daughter, well, was born in 1985, is the cow/ox zodiac sign, and this year will be 26-years-old. I want to help my daughter using the internet to find a boyfriend. As for qualifications, ai, average is fine– [she slaps the table, is unintelligible, laughs]
Daughter (calling out from bathroom): “Mommy, help me wash my back.”
Mother (getting up and walking towards the bathroom): Lulu, what do are you doing?
Daughter (from bathroom): “Help me wash my back.”
Mother (at door of bathroom, filming in): Ohhh, you are how old now and you still want me to help you wash your back? I’m trying to help you find a prospective marriage partner! I’m doing that..finding a boyfriend to evaluate for marriage…that…that…hey, what kind of qualifications you want, say them out…
Daughter (finishing her bath, still naked): [unintelligible]…just find one who is good to you, good to me, knows how to bathe/wash [others] and that will be good enough…
Mother (laughing): Then–then–then just find one like that?
Daughter: [unintelligible]…a beggar is fine too…aiyou, towel…
Mother: Well, it is seeking a marriage partner for you, so what you say/want is what matters—-
Daughter: I want to date a beggar.
Mother (sighs): Aiya, alright, that’s fine too, as long as he is good to you, I think that’s okay too…

Gan Lulu actress/model of Beijing China. Her mother is desperate of her 26 year old daughter who dont have still a partner. She (mother) believes that finding partner for her daughter via internet is effective now a days. Thats why she's filming her own daughter naked from a bathroom.

UNEDITED FULL VIDEO HERE (must be over 18 years old to watch)


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